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Lad Misses Dad's Death Due To Unseen Message In Facebook's 'Secret Inbox'

Lad Misses Dad's Death Due To Unseen Message In Facebook's 'Secret Inbox'

Recently, we brought to you the story of Facebook's 'secret inbox' (if you want to check yours, you can see the instructions how to do so here).

Some of you were aware of it already. Some of you thought we were talking about the 'other' inbox and disregarded it altogether. However, some of you got some really interesting messages. Whether that be finding out that your partner cheated on you, or that your wallet had actually been found afterall, it seems that Facebook's little 'filtering process' stopped quite a few people from finding out information they really needed at the time.

However, when I was perusing the comments, emails and messages that we received, Michael Kendall stood out. He had commented on our site, so I reached out to him to find out more.

The following story is really heartbreaking, just warning you now...


The message he received was from his dad's partner at the time. He had blocked his dad, but she reached out to him on his behalf.

"My dad was an alcoholic and made mine, my mum and my sister's lives hell for 15 years. Even to the point where we had to flee the family home. He then continued to give us abuse. Then after a while it quietened down and we didn't hear anything for months.

"Then we received a call from my dad's uncle (who we hadn't spoken to for years) saying that my dad had died a couple of days before. It was a complete shock. We had had to block him [on Facebook] from harassing us so we wouldn't have known that he might have tried to contact us.

"I've always hated him for not contacting us when he knew he was going to die. I nearly didn't attend the funeral, I didn't carry his coffin, I don't go to his site on his anniversary and to be honest, up until last week, I was glad that he had gone.


"So, when I read the article I thought I'd have a look to see what if anything was in there. I found a message from the day he was going to die telling us that he wasn't going to make it through the night and that we should go to the hospital.

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"For all I know he might have wanted to apologise for his behaviour in the past and I would have forgiven him because of his addiction. But I never got that chance because Facebook decided that the message was not important enough for me to receive.

"From looking at the message I can see no reason why they would have filtered it as spam. There is nothing to suggest that it's from a company or advertising person. No bad language or harassment. It's completely unjustified as to why Facebook would do that.


"Now because of this I'm confused about the feelings towards my dad. My mum and sister are really upset and it's hard to move on now knowing that maybe my dad tried to reconcile with us and he died thinking we didn't care. We did, we just wanted him to see the error of his ways.

"I feel that Facebook has seriously messed up with this because they are all about connectivity and making friends, so who are they to decide that this person who genuinely had an important message was not good enough for me to see?

"This has completely turned our world upside down. All because of 'what if?'.

"Before we had moved on and thought that he just wanted to die alone but what if he didn't. I guess we'll never know."


From everyone here at TheLADbible, Michael we're so sorry. As funny as a lot of these messages have been, it's stories like this that really hit you hard.

If you have a story regarding the 'secret inbox' and how it could've changed your life, email us at [email protected]

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: Supplied by Michael Kendall

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