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'Lawless' Director Has Described The Extent Of Shia LaBeouf's Method Acting

'Lawless' Director Has Described The Extent Of Shia LaBeouf's Method Acting

Shia LaBeouf is never short of surprising antics.

It's got to the point now where everything that's said about him seems totally legit.

In a new GQ interview, Lawless director John Hillcoat has described the extent of Shia's method acting on set after being asked whether or not he was pissed on Moonshine during filming.

"Oh. A little bit," Hillcoat said. "I didn't recommend that. And he was certainly not allowed on set like that."


Speaking about Shia's relationship with co-star Tom Hardy, Hillcoat explained the pair's relationship on and off set became 'mirrored'.

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He said: "Well, what happened on that set really is that they all started almost replicating the roles off set. So Shia started by idealising Tom like his older brother, Forrest. And it was like this force of nature, like, 'This guy is amazing.' He was in awe, and it was like they were brothers, initially.

"And then, as time went on, there's this kind of competitiveness and this tension that was building between them, which was like in the film. So it kind of almost mirrored. What was happening off set was happening on set."

Despite all this, the director still had praise for Shia overall.


"You know, he was so excited and so dedicated to that role.

"He really wanted to get under the skin of it. And I think he did an amazing job, personally."

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