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'Princess Leia Frog' Has Been Given The Photoshop Treatment

'Princess Leia Frog' Has Been Given The Photoshop Treatment

"You're my only croak."

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Princess Leia is pretty much instantly recognisable because of her gold bikini and strange hair style. Star Wars fans of the world unite in their adoration of the royalty going a bit rogue, turning herself into a rebel and defying Jabba the Hutt.

Many have replicated the look for fancy dress, and for the benefit of their galactically obsessed partners, including this frog...

It's not exactly the glamorous look Carrie Fisher made famous, but it's pretty close.

Of course, when a picture like this worms its way onto the web there's only one route it can go down: a Photoshop battle.

Once again, the Photoshoppers of Reddit didn't disappoint.

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