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Ross Kemp Reveals He Wanted To Kill Sex Trafficker Who Admitted Murdering 300 Children

Ross Kemp Reveals He Wanted To Kill Sex Trafficker Who Admitted Murdering 300 Children

It's fair to say that Ross Kemp has seen a few sights in his time.

He's met more than his fair share of bad apples too, from gangsters to prisoners to war criminals.

The ex-Eastender has found himself in some sticky situations over the years while filming Ross Kemp on Gangs, Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and Ross Kemp: The Fight For the Amazon, but none have made him lose his cool quite like one reprobate in his most recent series, Extreme World.

"Over the series it's been really hard and the hardest, for me, was in India when I met someone who was trafficking young girls for sex" said Kemp on This Morning to Ben Shephard and Amanda Holden.


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"And he on camera, and I didn't know he was going to do it, admitted to killing around 300 of them. My translator heard it first and she started crying, then he started crying and I got so angry because he started feeling sorry for himself."

Faced with such a monster, Kemp felt an emotion that he had never come across in his years of broadcasting.


"I don't mind meeting bad people and interviewing them but when they start feeling sorry for themselves and the things that they do. That was the only time i really nearly lost it."

He lost his cool and couldn't take any more. Kemp said he wanted to kill the man there and then. While the urge is understandable, it is probably for the best that Kemp kept a lid on it while in the presence of the child trafficker.

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Ross Kemp Reveals He Wanted To Kill Sex Trafficker Who Admitted Murdering 300 Children

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The trafficker was surrounded by heavily armed security and exiting the room might have been a little bit tricky.

"I terminated the interview and said 'get him out of my sight before I killed him'. He had armed guys with him so I probably wasn't going to get way with doing that."

Kemp's new series takes him through the usual gamut of uncompromising characters. He travelled to the United States and found himself embroiled in a race riot after the election of Donald Trump, as well as taking a trip to Syria, which is racked by civil war.


Credit: ITV/This Morning

He also ventured to Mexico and Iraq as well as India.

You can catch his adventures in Extreme World on Sunday night at 9pm on Sky One.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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