Steve-O's Got A New Show In The Pipeline And It Looks Painful

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Steve-O's Got A New Show In The Pipeline And It Looks Painful

These days, television seems to be nothing but Love Island, Britain's Got Talent and Big Brother, playing on a seemingly endless loop, on dying channels with ever-diminishing viewing figures. And with Netflix and the like to keep us occupied during the yawning gulfs of time in which there isn't some sort of vaguely interesting documentary on Channel 4, it can be easy to forget that television, in the traditional sense of the word, hasn't always been completely shite.

In fact, the world beyond that screen used to be a glorious place, a wondrous place. A place rich with culture and creativity. A place with faces people trusted. A fountain of worldly information. A magical place where men could launch fireworks off balconies out of their arseholes and wank off sea cucumbers on MTV and no one would even say anything.

It was a simpler time.

But don't get all misty eyed and nostalgic for those TV glory days just yet, because according to TMZ, Jackass's resident scrotum-stapler Steve-O is bringing his signature brand of stomach-churning... erm, 'stunts' back to our living rooms.


Credit: Steve-O/YouTube

The clown college graduate and former Jackass/Wildboyz star has released two videos from what is reported to be a new comedy venture with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine and fuck me, does it look disgusting - one clip shows Steve-O laughing nervously as he moves his arms around to show off giant blisters, some of which are so big they're literally swinging around with from a combination of gravity and the weight of the fluid inside them, like massive, grim water balloons.

He later explains in a separate clip posted to YouTube that he acquired the blisters while making 'fire angels', which is best explained as like making snow angels but with rocket engine fuel.


The casual observer might have been forgiven for thinking that Steve-O was beginning to calm down a bit as the years rolled on. He knocked the booze and drugs on the head, had a few stints in rehab and gave up getting catapulted into the sky in shit-filled portaloos in favour of pursuing a career in stand-up comedy.


However, if these new clips are anything to go by it looks like he's still the safety-immune daredevil we all know and love.

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: Steve-O/YouTube

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