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Here's What The Cast Of 'Malcolm In The Middle' Are Doing Now

Here's What The Cast Of 'Malcolm In The Middle' Are Doing Now

This May will mark 10 years since Malcolm in the Middle last aired.

Running for seven series, Malcolm in the Middle was one of the seminal shows of the early noughties. But what did all the cast do after it ended?


Frankie Muniz - Malcolm

Muniz starred in the film Agent Cody Banks opposite Hilary Duff back in 2004 as well as its sequel and has done on-and-off acting work since wrapping up the show.

In 2008, he briefly set aside his acting career to pursue a career as an open wheel racing driver. He also drummed for the band Kingsfoil for two years in 2012.


He recently suffered from two 'mini strokes' but is engaged and continues to make little appearances in film and TV.

Chris Kennedy Masterson - Francis

Masterson continues to act here and there but devotes most of time nowadays to DJ'ing.

The more famous Masterson these days is his sister Alanna, who plays Tara on The Walking Dead.

Jane Kaczmarek - Lois

Kaczmarek has done alright for herself, acting consistently after the show ended and stinting on shows like The Comeback and The Middle.

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​Sounds Like Frankie Muniz Wants To Do A Malcolm In The Middle Reboot

​Sounds Like Frankie Muniz Wants To Do A Malcolm In The Middle Reboot

She was recently on board a US version of Gavin & Stacey called Us & Them, which was pulled by Fox before it even was supposed to air. Woopsies.

Justin Berfield - Reece

Berfield hasn't really stayed on that acting hype. In fact, he's just gone behind the camera, starting a company in 2010 called Virgin Produced, an entertainment branch of Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Their credits include That Awkward Moment starring Zac Efron and Limitless starring Bradley Cooper.

Not bad, mate.

Erik Per Sullivan - Dewey

Sullivan went on to attend the University of Southern California. His last acting credit was in 2010 in a movie called Twelve, which also starred Chace Crawford.

No-one knows what the fuck he's done since. What's worse, one of the autofills when you Google search him is 'Erik Per Sullivan dead'.

Throw us a few tweets and disprove this, Erik.

Bryan Cranston - Hal

We all know what Bryan Cranston did after Malcolm in the Middle. He starred in fucking Breaking Bad and has been lit ever since.


There's nothing else to say. Except maybe that he hasn't aged a bit.

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