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Turns Out Gendry And Jon Snow From 'Game Of Thrones' Are Related

Turns Out Gendry And Jon Snow From 'Game Of Thrones' Are Related

Is there anyone in Game of Throne's who isn't related?

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Game of Thrones season 7 is sadly over now, but there is still one key point which fans may have failed to pick up on.

The latest series in the GoT saga saw the long-awaited return of blacksmith and rowing enthusiast, Gendry.

Now, we already know that Gendry is one of Robert Baratheon's bastard sons, but it turns out his bloodline is far more intertwined with the Westeros elite than we may have expected.

Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

We first met Gendry in season one, working as a blacksmith under the tutelage of Tobho Mott, forging weapons and armour for the nobility.

Shortly after Eddard Stark figures out that Gendry is in fact Baratheon's illegitimate child, the young lad decides to join the Night's Watch, and leaves for The Wall with Yoren's latest batch of recruits, including a young Arya Stark.

From here, Gendry developed a strong brother-sister bond with Arya, who confided in him that she was in fact a girl.

He became a prominent secondary character for much of season 2 and 3 until he learned his true heritage from Melisandre, who tries to seduce him and take his blood for a ritual to reclaim the realm.

Shortly after, Davos frees Gendry and sends him back to King's Landing in a rowboat, inadvertently creating a meme in the process.

That was it until his season 7 return, where he and Jon Snow developed a bromance reminiscent of that of their previously believed farthers.

However, it turns out their actual biological fathers were far from friends.

Since Gendry's comeback, fans on Reddit have dug out the family trees created by George R. R. Martin, discovering that Jon Snow and the Baratheon bastard are actually cousins twice removed, as Rhaelle Targaryen was Robert's grandmother.

Just when you thought GoT couldn't get any more weird and incestuous.

Speaking to NME, Joe Dempsie who plays the role of Gendry spoke about finding out about his character's return to the show.

"I had a long time to sit on it: I found out in November 2015, and season seven started filming in Belfast in September 2016," she said.

"When I was walking through the arrivals hall in the airport, I'd been on Northern Irish soil for all of about 10 minutes, when I looked to my right and there's just a dude there with a camera phone. I was wondering: 'Is he taking a picture of me or not?'

"It reminded me of the level of interest in the show has grown in the years since I've last been there: you step off the plane, within minutes someone's taken a photo and by the next day it's been run by Vanity Fair."

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

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