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New Easter Egg On The Way That Has Mini-Eggs In The Shell


New Easter Egg On The Way That Has Mini-Eggs In The Shell

We love Christmas, sure, but Easter's where it's at. Let us count the ways: it's closer to summer, for one - indeed, it might be the start of it. Then there's the food: roast lamb is miles better than turkey, and the chocolates and hot cross buns are superb too.

Atop them all sits the Creme Egg, the prince of festive choccies. Followed by Mini Eggs, one of the few sweets that I genuinely could (and have) eaten so much of that it's made me sick, exactly like my Mam said they would when I was wee.

Now, they're being combined. That's right: a Creme Egg, but with a Mini Egg shell. It's on sale in Tesco, and, if this video posted by food blogger @helenjtea is anything to go by, it looks amazing.


She posted a video a few days ago reviewing the new egg, with the shell being so thick that she had to take a break knife to it to make an indent in it. Perhaps she always does that and simply has more insider knowledge into the majestic world of Easter Eggs than I do, though, because I usually just smash mine and eat up all the shards.

It's not the only big news to come from the world of Creme Eggs of late. Over in the UK, it was revealed why shops are stocking Easter treats earlier and earlier each year. It's something that I have felt very strongly about for years: much as I love a Creme Egg, and indeed am very partial to a hot cross bun, it does irk me that they are now available pretty much all year round.

Well, a supermarket in Yorkshire has answered the question for us, and it's pretty much exactly what you might expect.

"Every year we get asked 'why are you stocking Easter products already?'" said Jamie Joyce, store manager at the Co-op in Huddersfield.


"The truth is that the demand is there and as a convenience retailer we aim to make sure we can meet all our customer's needs."

In fact, he added that they had already sold 25,000 Easter items to customers in the week straight after Christmas, which backs up the point.

"While a lot of people see January as a time to get healthier and cut back, the lure of a crème egg or a packet of mini eggs is often too much to resist and much easier to justify after a run outdoors or as a small treat alongside a healthy diet."

And to be honest, I'm 100% with him there.

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Mike Wood
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