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Terry's Chocolate Orange Is Shrinking And The Nation Demands Answers

Terry's Chocolate Orange Is Shrinking And The Nation Demands Answers

This is utterly terryble.

Hamish Kilburn

Hamish Kilburn

As I've grown older, taller, some would say wiser, I have noticed that tasty chocolate bars around me have got smaller.

There was a time when an Easter egg came in at the size of my head. Now, they're not much bigger than a closed fist.

Obviously, we also have to take into account that my head - and the rest of my body for that matter - has got noticeably larger too.

Turns out, chocolate is shrinking. Terry's Chocolate Oranges, for example, have shrunk a whopping 10 percent smaller in recent years. The product that used to weigh 175g a few years ago, now weighs a measly 157g. Also, the segments are thinner. Shocking.


It's no surprise, therefore, that the American owners of Terry's Chocolate Orange have since been accused of 'ruining British chocolate,.

Angry fans are now blasting Mondelēz International, which took over the company in 2012.

A Facebook page has been created to attack the global food and drinks giant. The group called 'Mondelz are shrinking our Terry's Chocolate Oranges', states:

"Mondelez International [sic] have decided to shrink the 1932 chocolate orange, a subtle trick that they hoped nobody would notice. Well, we noticed and we're sick of them ruining British chocolate."

If ever there was a statement which epitomised Britishness, it's that!

Apparently, the reasoning behind the shrinkage is down to the cost of ingredients.

It's not just orange chocolate that's been taken down a size or two though. Cadbury and Quality Street have also been accused of shrinking its products in the past.

Don't even get me started on Wagon Wheels.

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