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Watching This Video On Gelatine Going In Sweets Is A Bit Stomach Churning

Watching This Video On Gelatine Going In Sweets Is A Bit Stomach Churning


I always knew that the story behind gelatine going in sweets would be pretty rank but I always turned a blind eye because they're tasty as hell.

This video does make me wonder whether kale salad with quinoa may be a better alternative, however. And that's saying a lot.


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Well that's pretty rank. Filmed backwards, from the moment it is consumed to its first origins, it gives a detailed account on what goes into gelatine-based sweets, right from the pig living to the process of killing, burning and shaving it, to it ending up in a little boiled sweetie.

Here's some gelatine-free sweets if you find it all too repulsive.

Words Patrick Hulbert

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