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Alton Towers Victim Takes Part In Naked Photoshoot To Silence Trolls

Alton Towers Victim Takes Part In Naked Photoshoot To Silence Trolls

Back in June 2015, the lives of 16 people were changed forever when The Smiler roller-coaster at Alton Towers crashed.

Leah Washington, Joe Pugh, Daniel Thorpe and Vicky Balch sustained the worst injuries, with Leah and Vicky both having to get legs amputated. They were trapped on the ride for four hours as emergency services battled to release them.

Since then, Alton Towers has been fined £5 million over the incident. However, a solicitor representing eight of the 16 injured said: "Money will never replace limbs, nor heal psychological scars."

Although much of the public has been supportive of those who sustained injuries, the response that the girls have received hasn't been all positive. Vicky recently hit back at online trolls who have subjected her to abuse. When she spoke to the Mirror, she said: "I'm sure they'd think twice about slagging someone off based on the colour of their skin or their sexuality, knowing they could get into trouble - yet they think I'm fair game because I've lost a leg.


"Barely a month after it happened, one person told me I should die."

Now, she's taken part in a photo shoot to show that imperfection don't have to be subject to judgement or ridicule.

Speaking to TheLADbible, she said: "I did the photo shoot because I wanted to show that's it okay not to be perfect. There's so much pressure for people to look a certain way now.


"When you're different, whether that be a disability or not, it's difficult to get past what everybody thinks you should look like or how you should be."

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This isn't her first photo shoot, but this particular one surprised her. She said: "When I saw the images this time, I was surprised at how I looked, it was so obvious that I'm an amputee and I thought that might make me feel vulnerable but it hasn't."

Luckily, so far the direct messages she has received about the shoot have been nothing but positive. It seems that many trolls don't have the balls to approach her directly, just indirectly. Classic trolls, right?!


She explained: "On social media a few of the comments are nasty but a lot of people do stand up for me.

"I have only directly received supportive messages from the public, I expected some backlash but I've only received support which amazes me every time, I'm so grateful that people take time to send me a message telling me how I've inspired and helped them.

"There have been able bodied people tell me I've helped them and disabled people, not necessarily all amputees, saying that I've inspired them and they're proud of me."


Fair play to her, she looks amazing. And if she's inspiring others then no-one can say anything bad about her.

Well done, Vicky!

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