Boss Lets His Staff Take Paid Holidays Whenever They Damn Please

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Boss Lets His Staff Take Paid Holidays Whenever They Damn Please

Uhm, I better connect with this boss on LinkedIn because he lets his staff take as many holidays as they want... PAID.

Wo-ah! Niche managing, Ullrich Kastner, the founder of a German hotel broker company, who said he wanted to break the greatest news ever to his 37 staff.

Kastner said he thinks his team "has proven it can take over responsibility".


Ullrich Kastner, the best man on Earth. Image: CEN

"My employees are not supposed to work according to the regulations, but to work towards a goal," he added.

There is only one stipulation: the work must get done on time. Yikes! Count me out.

Still, for those eager beavers out there, what an opportunity. Holidays whenever you want. 'Alright, Mike, lend us a hand with these boxes, will ya?' Nah, sorry, mate, I'm going go to MARRAKECH instead.


Kastner and gang on holiday. Image: CEN

'Did you get around to sending that email, Stewart?' Yeah, I did, way ahead of time, at 5:00am this morning. You think I'm gonna hang around here all day? Nah, I just came in to tell you I'm off to PLAYA DEL CARMEN until further notice. If you need anything doing, just give us a bell so I can let you know I've already done it. Have a good one.

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