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LAD Loses Incredible 330lbs By Walking To The Shop Every Time He Was Hungry

LAD Loses Incredible 330lbs By Walking To The Shop Every Time He Was Hungry

This is amazing.

A man who at one point tipped the scales at 605lbs lost over 300lb by walking to the shop every time he was hungry.

This might sound unbelievable, but Pasquale 'Pat' Brocco, 31, was mortified when he went to the doctor regarding his weight after he realised he couldn't do one push up.

Credit: Instagram

He thought he was around 450lb, but the scales read 605 (43 stone).

"My stomach was down to my thighs. My chest was hanging down here," he told ABC News, "I was disgusted."

Credit: Instagram

Pat, from Arizona, decided that every time he wanted food, he would walk to the Walmart that was around a mile and a half away. It would take him around 90 minutes, but he made sure he did this around three times a day.

Credit: Instagram

He continued: "You walk to Walmart three times a day, and you end up walking 6 miles.

"It's amazing because I never walked 6 miles in my life, and I was doing it every day."

Within less than two years, he lost 200lbs.

Credit: Instagram

Now, he's lost an incredible 330lbs. He had around 30lbs of excess skin removed and now hopes to be an inspiration to his young son.

Pat now helps other people transform their lives after getting a helping hand from the supermarket.

He was training people for free, but after Walmart heard about his weight loss, they gave him $25,000 to start him off on his business venture.


Featured Image Credit: possiblepat/Instagram

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