Lad Who Quit His Job To Travel The World Now Earns Six Figure Salary

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It's getting to that point on Monday when the hangover you shouldn't have is wearing off and the reality that you need to be in work in an hour is starting to hit. Stop crying. Stop it.

It's around about now you start thinking 'do I really need this job?' 'Can't I just sack it off and go travelling?' and then you remember you do need this job and you can't afford to go travelling. Or can you?

Because Jack Morris, a 26-year-old from Manchester, quit his job as a carpet cleaner five years ago, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and now travels the world with his girlfriend while earning a six figure salary for blogging about his adventures. Sound.

He told the Daily Mail: "Five years ago I impulsively decided to quit my 9-5 job. It was literally waking up one morning and I wanted to try something different. I flew out on my own with no plan and just wanted to see what came at me."

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He then decided to buy a camera and set up blog Doyoutravel, but didn't expect it to end up as his full-time job.

Nine months ago, Jack met Lauren Bullen and the pair are now a globe-trotting, Instagram power couple. The popular Instagrammers and bloggers earn a pretty sweet living from documenting their travels. Brands such as Disney, AirBnb and Air NZ are all keen to work with them, and offer them freebies and cash in exchange for promotion.

Before you tell your boss to fuck off, though, Jack says it wasn't always so luxurious. He spent two years struggling to make ends meet - but I'd rather be poor on a beach somewhere than in the UK, to be honest.

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