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Man Wrongly Jailed For 25 Years Is Released After DNA Proves Him Innocent

Man Wrongly Jailed For 25 Years Is Released After DNA Proves Him Innocent

A man jailed for 25 years has been released after new DNA technology proved he was falsely accused of rape in 1989.

63-year-old Darryl Pinkins was jailed in May 1991 after a woman accused him of dragging her into a car and abusing her. Even though he plead innocent, the jury acted against him.

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The time spent in jail has taken its toll on Pinkins, who now suffers from both diabetes and thyroid disease. This didn't alter the obvious joy on his face when he walked free from Lake County correctional facility, finally reunited with his family. Probably most importantly, his 24-year-old son, who was born after Pinkins was jailed.

'It feels like this day was - was meant to be. And I know it was,' Pinkins told reporters outside.

'There was a crack in the system. It does exist, and I'm not the only one within this situation that's going through this.

'It's people that are not fortunate enough to get the team that I have behind me.'


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Pinkins' case was also taken on by professors at University Law School back in 2007. The revolutionary method of DNA analysis they used is called TrueAllele. It is routinely used to identify missing people and/or assist in drawing distinctions in new cases.

Pinkins is the first convict to have had his sentence terminated after TrueAllele testing.


While prepping a re-trial hearing, prosecutors concluded the evidence was so conclusive that Pinkins didn't have to be tried. Three days later, he was a free man.


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Bernard Carter, Lake County prosecutor, told ABC7, 'When you look at the evidence that stands now, it would be an injustice for us to even attempt to try Mr. Pinkins. We would not convict him,'

Idaho Innocence Project director Greg Hampikian, who was the leading DNA analyst in the case, praised the outcome as a victory for both justice and science.


'This technology holds the key not just to answering complex DNA problems, but the literal key to freedom for men like Daryl Pinkins and Roosevelt Glenn,' he wrote in a statement.

The woman who accused Pinkins maintains he was responsible for the attack, ABC7 reports.

Words by Josh Teal

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