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Syrian Girl Injured In Deadly Bus Explosion Adorably Smiles Into Camera

Syrian Girl Injured In Deadly Bus Explosion Adorably Smiles Into Camera

There have been some shocking scenes from Syria on Saturday after a car bomb killed nearly 130 people, 68 of whom were children.

We've seen how photographers downed their cameras to help some of the victims, and heard of their anguish when they realised that they were unable to save them.


What's most startling is that the UN said the bombers disguised themselves as aid workers in order to get close to their targets.

The buses were said to be carrying evacuees and rebel soldiers out of war-torn areas when the bomb erupted.

Miraculously some people survived, including this little girl...

Credit: YouTube/Syrian Arab News Agency


She was hit with shrapnel in the blast and suffered a head injury.

Plaster can be seen on her cheek and her top is splattered with blood.

Despite all the carnage and destruction she's just witnessed, she looks at the camera and smiles with such innocence as someone inflates some surgical gloves to keep her entertained.

It's yet another reminder that civilians as young as her, who aren't able to comprehend what is happening to her country, are caught in the crossfire.

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The video is reminiscent of an image taken in August which showed five-year-old Omran Daqneesh sitting in an ambulance.

syrian boy
syrian boy

Credit: PA

He luckily survived a military strike on the rebel-held Qaterji neighbourhood in Aleppo.

In the latest news from the war-ravaged country, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reportedly moved his military planes into Russian protection.

Almost all the operational aircraft, from jets to helicopters, are said to have been relocated to an airbase owned by the Kremlin.

It's understood the movement took place shortly after US President Donald Trump ordered 59 missiles to strike a Syrian airbase suspected to be involved in the chemical weapons attack at the start of the month.

syria strike
syria strike

The moment when 59 missiles were launched by the US. Credit: PA

This Russian airbase is believed to house impressive defence technology which would stop another assault like America's from damaging any aircraft.

The Tomahawk strike caused tensions between Russia and the US to flair up to the point that Moscow allegedly threatened to stop giving intelligence to America.

US Defence Secretary, General James Mattis, kicked off his visit to the Middle East and Africa by saying: "We are deconflicting with the Russians ... and we will continue to deconflict."

Website I Am Syria puts the current death toll from the six year civil war at around 470,000, with 55,000 of them being children.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Syrian Arab News Agency​

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