Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

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According To Experts There Are Now Nine Types Of Boob

According To Experts There Are Now Nine Types Of Boob

Before we dive deeper in, I'm sure that we all agree each boob is equally as beautiful as the next.

There's a lot to cover here so prepare yourselves for an whirlwind education into natural boobs.

There used to be seven types of boob according to lingerie experts ThirdLove, which prides itself on selling bras according to the specific shapes of women as opposed to universal sizes.

The company has recently added 'athletic' and 'relaxed' to the mix.


1. Asymmetric - one boob bigger than the other - it's perfectly normal.

Athletic - wider and more muscular breasts with less tissue.


Bell shape - these are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom.

Relaxed - no, they're not just lazy boobs. ThirdLove explains that it's just a lack of tissue and the nipples point down.


East west - left right - port starboard - there are many other names we can call this category of breast. Basically, the nipples point outwards. Again, perfectly natural.

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Round - these types of boobies are probably best represented in porn scenes. Perhaps not in person, but most lads are very familiar with the look of these ones.


Tear drop - very similar to round, but slightly less full at the top.

Slender - these are thin, less in your face and the nipples face downward.

Side set - these have a wide space between each breast.

Still with me? After all that, I think I need to go and lie down in a dark room.

Of course, the purpose of this piece wasn't for your enjoyment at all. It's all there for educational purposes, hence the illustrations instead of images. But we really did have pics to prove it.

Featured image credit: Twitter/@StevenWickham

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