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Airline Staff Have Been Revealing Secrets Passengers Don't Know

Airline Staff Have Been Revealing Secrets Passengers Don't Know

Everywhere you work, you find out little secrets about what goes on behind the scenes. For example, here at TheLADbible's Manchester office - you have to be a virgin to work here. Fact.

Turns out that loads of people on Reddit (apparently) work for airlines and have divulged some secrets.


Side note: I will never fly again.

"There is a small latch hidden inside the lavatory sign on the bathroom door, which will open the door when pulled, even when it's locked. Airplane Peekaboo!"

"You know how all the other armrests can be raised except for the one next to the aisle? Turns out that one can be raised as well via a small button in a divot on the underside of the armrest. Useful if you want to spread out a bit more, though some flight attendants may tell you to put it back in place."

"Αerospace fastener production here. Nobody еver asks what is actually holding thе plane together. Don't worry аbout it."

"Friends of mine were flying back from one of the Thai islands and were sat by the emergency exit. A few minutes before they took off, a couple of maintenance guys came on with what looked like the biggest roll of duct tape they'd ever seen, and started vigorously taping up the door. Flight went fine and nobody mentioned the door!"


"Paramedic here. If you switch on your alarm lights on the ambulance while being on the inner field of the airport (because...well you just get there sometimes) they will totally shut down all incoming and outgoing flights until they know exactly what's going on. My Buddy learned this the hard way. Needless to say people got mad at him..."

"Employees and their families get "ID tickets" (ID is for "industry discount"), which means they only pay taxes and fees and nothing for the actual ticket. The airlines basically lets them fly for free. And not just with their own airline, but with every airline in any alliance. The tickets are stand-by tickets, so you're not guaranteed to get on board, but you get a seat more often than not. The family members can travel on these tickets without the employee. My dad worked for an airline in Star Alliance, so I used to get free tickets with airlines in One World and SkyTeam as well as Star Alliance. I usually traveled in business class, all around the world. A return trip between Europe and Japan was something like 200 USD in business class, and maybe 50 USD in economy. I don't get any perks anymore, as it was only valid until I turned 25."

"Locks on zippered bags are useless. You can pop a zipper with a pen and drag the locked zipper pulls around the bag to close them back up. I've done this many times to identify bags that are tagless and locked."

"That there's a huge list of things that can be missing from the aircraft while still being allowed to fly."

Yup. I'm going to travel everywhere by boat.

Or foot - I'm not rich.

Here's a video of a plane struggling to land in bad weather - not relevant to the article but it's pretty cool.

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