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Allow This Toy Train Track Optical Illusion

Allow This Toy Train Track Optical Illusion

Wait, what?

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Think you've got life cracked? Think you've got this whole thing sussed out? Nah, mate. You clearly haven't seen this optical illusion.

Here's one video that'll stop you in your tracks.

BBC academy trainer Marc Settle has shared a video featuring two of his son's toy train tracks.

"Two train tracks," you're thinking to yourself. "Two, different sized train tracks." But you're so wrong.

Marc then places the "bigger" track on top of the "smaller" one, and they fit perfectly.

How? Well, those with a sharp eye out there have been referencing the Jastrow Illusion, discovered in 1889 by psychologist Joseph Jastrow.

Basically, when identical curved objects are put next to each other, with the longer side one of one juxtaposing the shorter side of the other object, the illusion is materialised.

Interesting. More fun when you don't know, isn't it?

Words by Josh Teal

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Topics: Optical Illusion