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Lost World War Two Plane Found Within Pacific Islands

Lost World War Two Plane Found Within Pacific Islands

The Pacific Islands are famed worldwide for their tranquillity, pristine beaches and their abandoned World War Two aircraft.

Well, OK, maybe not the latter but recently one tourist stumbled across an airplane, in such location, which is believed to be a Japanese Aichi E13A.


Tony Cherabis posted the photo on Imgur when exploring some of the islands of Palau.

Credit: Imgur

The reconnaissance floatplane was discovered in a shallow river of one of the nation's 500 islands. It still largely in one piece, with wings and fuselage, albeit upside-down.

The only thing missing, if it was an Aichi E13A, is the floaters which allow the plane to land on water.


It's unknown exactly which country this belonged to, but it doesn't fail to attract visitors, with two canoeists nearby in the picture.

Credit: Google Maps

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The attraction of the abandoned plane is clear, not only to those travelling to see it, but also on the internet.

One user wrote: "I find this disturbing. I can't look away but it makes me feel creeped out."

Another added: "I've always thought it was funny we look in awe at the very things that were built to kill us."

A third said: "If I was the pilot that died with that plane, I'd be happy with my final resting spot. So beautiful and serene."

User xoverthirtyx similarly agreed on the location: "So people looking there, can you imagine how crazy the crash must've been? Silence shattered, trees snapping, engine screaming, splash!"

Credit: PA

Aviation historian and seaplane pilot Paul Beaver told the Daily Mail: "It's an A13 floatplane. It is inverted and has lost its floats. This is a rare beast."

The aircraft, if it is an Aichi E13A, would have carried a crew of three and a bombload of 250kg - although it is unknown how many died onboard this particular plane.

It was used as a scouting weapon for the attack on Pearl Harbour, with some kamikaze missions also noted, and was encountered by the US navy.

France, Japan, Thailand and China are all known to have operated these planes at some point in the aviation military history.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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