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You Need These Beer-Proof Oktoberfest Adidas Trainer In Your Life

You Need These Beer-Proof Oktoberfest Adidas Trainer In Your Life

Millions of beer-loving tourists are poised to ascend on the city of Munich, Germany to take part in Oktoberfest in the next few weeks. The annual gathering of booze, bratwurst and all things Bavarian takes place from 22 September to 7 October this year.

It also inspires plenty of other Oktoberfest-themed events across the world, because who doesn't like wearing lederhosen and swigging steins of beer?

You'll need appropriate footwear too, of course:


If you've never been to an Oktoberfest event, let me tell you, you will get shoved about a bit - it's like a cross between a piss-up and a game of rugby. Busy is an understatement. So, naturally, your trainers will get ruined.

Unless you splash out on these new trainers from Adidas, made especially for the occasion, which are beer-proof.

Shut up and take my money.


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The Adidas München 'Oktoberfest' are inspired by the traditional Bavarian lederhosen (but look a lot cooler) and come in a brown leather with three light brown stripes, fancy embroidery on the heel cap and spotted laces. The word Prost - German for cheers - is sat above the stripes in gold.

They look sick, too. And speaking of sick, as well as repelling beer, these bad boys are also vomit-proof. In fact, you name a liquid and these trainers will repel it, thanks to their DPBR coating.


Fashion and function, together at last. Credit:


I think sometimes in life, people are too quick to throw around the word 'genius', but there really is no other description for these.

You can get a pair from 43einhalb for €199.95 (£184/$237) from 2 September - they even come with a boss little beer mug. Happy swilling!

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