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Bloody Hell, A Doc Reckons Trump Might Die 'Within A Year'

Bloody Hell, A Doc Reckons Trump Might Die 'Within A Year'

To be fair, he is 70 and loves fried chicken.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

A British doctor has claimed that Donald Trump could die within a year.

Dr Patrick Heck contradicted the president-elect's own doctor's report which claimed he is in 'excellent health', with the former even suggesting that it was written in "five minutes whilst Mr Trump's limo waited outside". Bloody hell.

Speaking at a medical conference, Dr Heck said: "I was quite surprised at the content of the doctor's report from Donald Trump's physician.

"For a man of 70, the high-octane campaign, sleepless nights and gruelling schedule particularly in the final few weeks of his campaign might well have exacted a toll on his heart."

He then added that, for men of Trump's age, you would generally expect them to live for another 14 years. However, Trump could die much sooner as he is under immense pressure. Heck said: "He is surely at significant risk of a heart attack."

Trump's own doctor did report that the billionaire is overweight for his 6ft 3inches height, weighing in at 16 stone 9lbs.

It probably doesn't help that he's been the face of delicious food providers, such as Pizza Hut. Don't believe me? BOOM. Video.

Check it out:

Credit: Pizza Hut

We'll just have to wait and see if he actually makes it to the White House.

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