Bosses Could Give You A One Hour Nap At Work Tomorrow

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Bosses Could Give You A One Hour Nap At Work Tomorrow

Dear Boss. Hope you had a nice weekend. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost an hour due to some weird scientific reasoning. Mind if I take that hour back at work today? Cheers.

Now, the chances of that e-mail being approved are probably like that of England winning the 2018 World Cup.

But, scientists are fighting our corner. There's a chance we could become 'ill' from losing that hours' sleep.

It comes as figures show that a quarter of workers get by on just five hours kip a night. Such figures lead to an increase risk of diabetes, heart problems and depression.


Psychologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who led the research for bed manufacturers Silentnight and the University of Leeds, said the time change could see some workers drop to four hours. This, according to Ramlakhan is a "dangerously low" amount.

"The loss of an hour in bed is particularly detrimental to individuals that already struggle with the sleep," she said.

"Bosses should consider allowing staff to take a short nap in the office," she continued. "It can make a huge difference."


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A lack of sleep can have some serious effects on the body. To go 24 hours without sleep is the same as the average man being too drunk to drive.

By 36 hours, you put yourself at extreme risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Your emotions, will be all over the place.

After two days, the body will begin to shut down for 'microsleeps' and suffer severe disorientation. Almost like a mini-blackout.


After three days with no sleep and everything becomes a chore to the body. Concentration, motivation, perception and other mental process all go to pot.

The doctor claims that such catnaps/granny naps/ disco naps (whatever you call it) can have a big impact of improving the immune system, repair muscles and even beat anti-ageing.

"Naps have been scientifically proven to boost creativity and problem solving ability," Ramlakhan added. "They can rebalance the immune system, meaning staff are less likely to take sick days.

"Company nap time would definitely work in the boss' favour in the long run."


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So, let's talk timings. Research suggests the best time to nap is between 2pm and 4pm - any later and you risk compromising your sleep later at night.

Ramlakhan's ideas get even better: "Some kind of national napping day would allow the UK workforce to return to their jobs feeling refreshed and ready."


If naps were allowed it's fair to assume that world hunger, the Syrian crisis and Brexit would all be solved by Friday afternoon.

Disclaimer: This article does not act as your doctor's note for Monday morning.

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