Gordon Ramsay Eats A Burger To Mock A Vegan TikToker

Gordon Ramsay Eats A Burger To Mock A Vegan TikToker

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Teenage Girl's Face Ruined By Flesh-Eating Bug After Visiting The Dentist

Teenage Girl's Face Ruined By Flesh-Eating Bug After Visiting The Dentist

A teenager from Cambodia has suffered severe damage to her face following regular dental work which resulted in an infection from 'flesh-eating' bacteria.

18-year-old Suth Ret developed necrotising fasciitis after a minor procedure in December to have a tooth removed.

The bacteria, which started developing in her throat, then found its way into her blood stream before it began to eat away at the skin on her face.


Suth Ret's face has been destroyed by the 'flesh-eating' bug / Credit: Caters

With it not being treated quickly enough, her weight dropped dramatically as she was not able to eat.

She was rushed to hospital last week weighing just over five-and-a-half stone.

What is Necrotising Fasciitis (NF)?


Credit: Caters

Suth's case was picked up after a local Canadian ex-pat, Yuila Khouri, from the same village, saw her photos online.

"Once I saw her there was nothing else I could do but help," said Yulia.


"She had been fully aware, fully conscious through all of this but she doesn't know the extent of the damage to her face.

"She was 100 percent healthy three months ago. She was just sneezing and now she has no face."

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Suth's face is being treated by a team of German and Malaysian doctors/ Credit: Caters


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There is good news, though. According to Yuila, Suth is stable and now they are aiming to raise money to help assist her in her recovery.

The work to help understand this rare disease has grown massively in the last 20 years - although it is still estimated around two in every five still die as a result of contracting NF.

Those who do survive are often left with disabilities and disfigurement.

The Lee Spark Foundation is a British-based charity that looks to expand awareness of the disease and it follows the death of Lee in 1999.


"Lee died very suddenly in the October," his mum, Doreen, and foundation founder, told TheLADbible. "He'd gone for a job interview in Sheffield and sadly died there.

"Post-mortem results showed he'd died from NF after a tooth abscess. He was such a lovely and healthy 23-year-old.

"When I went on Google back then there was one result, the research and understanding has become so much better."

Lee (right) sadly died aged 23 after contracting NF / Credit: Lee Spark Foundation

There are currently two major projects based in Europe: Infect (Europe-wide although homed in Sweden) - this looks at taking skin-tissue samples and working with them - and The Strepgene Project based at Oxford University which looks at Strep A infections and its genetic links.

"Through social media we are supporting people all over the world. It's a great legacy for Lee", Doreen added.

"We want to increase knowledge and awareness - the key to avoiding early death is with early recognition."

Get well soon, Suth.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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