Did Any Of You Lads Leave A Shoe On Mars?

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Did Any Of You Lads Leave A Shoe On Mars?

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I often wonder what aliens would think of our society if they planned a mission to discover life on Earth. They should plan their trip for this Bank Holiday weekend. Humans: a confusing species that travel in packs, shag like bunnies, and can't walk in a straight line.

I also wonder just what we expect to find on other planets and argue that we should first try to fix our own before searching for new species elsewhere in the universe.

I will admit, though, it was exciting when Opportunity Rover's wheels firmly landed on the surface of Mars in 2004. Since then, it has captured awesome images of the planet that give astronomers a better understanding into whether aliens are among us in the universe.


Nothing as of yet. But what's this? One conspiracy theorist claims to have hard evidence that life once existed on the red planet. Please tell me more.

In one image captured by Opportunity, among the rocks, rubble and dusty surface is a lone shoe, claims Scott C Waring anyway.


"While looking through some Mars rover photos, I found a lone shoe on the edge of the crater," he says in a blog post.

Waring, who is the creator of UFO Sightings Daily, discovered the object in question on August 24 2016, but the original photo was taken from Opportunity back in 2013.

Waring suggests that the so-called shoe is evidence of a war and the 'shoe' is all that was left of one alien soldier.


"How many times on a battle field or a catastrophic event have we seen photos in the newspaper of the shoes of victims...alone...evidence of how hard they were hit, how fast they were taken from us? Well, this is such evidence," he writes.

I get it, Waring, I have lost count how many times I have returned home with one shoe. It happens.

The question into whether there is indeed life on Mars continues...

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