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UFO Hunter Claims To Have Filmed Object Creating A Fireball Across The Sky

UFO Hunter Claims To Have Filmed Object Creating A Fireball Across The Sky

What it does towards the end is odd.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

The mystery of whether we are alone in the universe has once again resurfaced as footage from New Zealand seems to suggest we are not.

The remarkable video shows a blazing orange object, with a trail behind it, moving through the sky.

However, all of a sudden, it suddenly stops and moves vertically in the air, at a right angle to its previous direction of travel.

After moving upwards, it then continues its original path of moving across the sky.

The video, taken on July 31 by user named UFO - Fan has since been picked up by conspiracy theorists Blake and Brett Cousins.

In the footage, a confused Brett says: "I'm looking at it and whatever this is - if this is some pilot doing some kind of erratic manoeuvre - he's doing something he shouldn't be doing in the sky.

"What is the reason behind this? This could be some sort of extra-terrestrial craft - a massive one - doing some out of this world kind of manoeuvres over New Zealand.

"Or this is some kind of conventional aircraft doing dangerous manoeuvres."

They posted their explanation on their YouTube channel, thirdphaseofthemoon, with sceptics commenting to provide their opinions of what the mystery figure was.

Credit: YouTube / UFO - Fan

"This is an airplane with contrail on high altitude wind illuminated by sun," wrote one.

Another added: "It's a matter of point of view. The plane changes direction and start coming to the camera. But watching in 2D it seems to be going up."

A third said: "Looks like plasma which is a conductor of electricity. Common in area of volcanic and earthquake activity. Someone come teach these people some real science."

If the UFOs are coming to our planet, they are certainly stepping up their game with the frequency of visits.

Last month, a 'morphing' figure was seen in the skies above Cornwall with many residents and holidaymakers capturing footage of it.

Again, the conspiracy-busters were out in force to find an alternative explanation with a possible hint that the tourist attraction, The Eden Project, may have been involved.

Credit: Youtube/ Paranormal Globe

Considering aliens have never landed on Earth you have to question, if they do exist, if they like what they see.

To be fair, crashing down and realising that we live in a world where footballers are worth £198m would instantly leave you wondering if it was worth investing your time on Earth.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/thirdphaseofthemoon

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