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Fuming Bloke Banned From Bus For Six Months For Stinking Of Weed

Fuming Bloke Banned From Bus For Six Months For Stinking Of Weed

They might have legalised marijuana in Washington, USA but you're still forbidden to take the bus if you stink of the stuff.

One man, Matthew Little, found this out recently when he received a six-month bus ban because he persistently got on smelling so strongly of weed. Apparently it was getting to the point where it was annoying his fellow passengers and distracting the driver.

According to Kitsap Transit, the bus company who ordered Little's ban, passengers can be banished from taking the bus for smelling of a number of things. Reeking of cat urine, human faeces and bad body odour are among many prohibited smells that are not welcome on their network of buses.


The well-known medical marijuana activist, Little, is not shy to affirm his love of the green stuff.

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"From time to time, I smell like I just smoked some marijuana - probably because I just did," he said.

Little was given at least four warnings before he was handed over a notice of exclusion for constantly giving off the stench.

Kitsap Transit accused Little of emitting an odour on buses that 'unreasonably disturbs others', and banned him for six months.


The company says that the smell was so bad that one of its bus drivers had to cover her nose to block the smell out. Little was then accused of verbally abusing the driver, who, let's face it, probably needed a spliff after dealing with his objection to his ban. Meanwhile, Little is appealing the ban.

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