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​Is Elvis Presley Still Alive On His 82nd Birthday?

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​Is Elvis Presley Still Alive On His 82nd Birthday?

It's The King's eighty-second birthday today! Happy birthday, Elvis! If only you were around to celebrate it...wait, is that you, Elvis? Were Scouting For Girls actually correct?

There are a lot of people in heavy denial that Elvis Presley died 40 years ago. It's true he was incredibly talented (I mean look at that hip work) and 42-year-old is too young for the only man who could rock a white jumpsuit.


Elvis Presley is famous not only for his songs like Suspicious Minds but also eating himself to death. If you remember, the Hound Dog singer died on the toilet of a heart attack after eating one too many Fool's Gold Loaf. What's that you ask? Well, it's a loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jam and a lot of bacon. Coated in butter and roasted for a few minutes in the oven. Yummy.

Seriously, a Fool's Gold Loaf was Elvis' favourite snack.

Anyway, despite that cholesterol sandwich, he's still alive apparently and even visited Graceland on his birthday.


Conspiracy theorists think the portly man with the white beard is Elvis and over on Facebook page Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive many of his fans think the man in the baseball cap and glasses must be the King.

"I feel elvis which is my favorite singer faked his death for poblisity [sic]" commented one die-hard fan. I mean that makes sense, when you're dead you make way more money and become more famous.

However there are some people who are on the same page as me. One wrote: "hes dead, get over it u weirdos".



Elvis isn't the only celebrity that people are convinced is still alive - here are a few of my faves.

Tupac Lives

Iconic rapper Tupac died in a drive-by shooting in '96 but people still believe that he's alive. There's a lot of conspiracy theories around this one - they say it was a different corpse in the coroners and he didn't have a proper funeral. Apparently, there are people who believe that he spent the last 20 years hanging out in Cuba, only coming out of hiding to take a selfie with Rihanna. Priorities.


Kurt Cobain

It was shocking with Nirvana frontliner Kurt Cobain joined the 27 Club back in '94. The talented singer and musician was found in his home after taking his own life, but people thought that he had come back from the dead when they saw a viral clip Peruvian singer Ramiro Saavedra perform Come As You Are.

Must be the blonde hair.


Michael Jackson

A lot of people are under the impression that the Thriller star faked his own death to escape the taxman and the pressures of fame. His fans are pretty intense, but Michael was a troubled man and his addiction to painkillers is not something you would fake.

Words by Laura Hamiliton

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

Topics: elvis, Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy

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