Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

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Man Who Thought He Was Going To Die Records Final Goodbyes

Man Who Thought He Was Going To Die Records Final Goodbyes

A man who thought he was going to die after coming off his motorbike near the Tennessee/North Carolina border decided to film his final goodbyes for his family.

Kevin Dipenbrock and his co-worker Phillip Polito were out on the motorbikes when Phillip hit the brakes and Kevin went into the back of him. Both cyclists ended up flying off a steep embankment. Tragically, Phillip died.

As he lay bleeding, Kevin realised that his cries for help were going unnoticed and he began to think that he could die. So he decided that he wanted to say a last goodbye to his family.

Kevin also tried to send text messages to friends and family for help, but they failed to send.


In the video, Kevin says: "Hey everybody. I fucked up, that's all I can really say. At about 10.30 this morning. Been laying here ever since. About 50ft down in the ravine. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Sorry I was being stupid, but you know that's what I do."

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Kevin was out there for 27 hours after the collision, before, thankfully, a couple heard him and came to his rescue.

Speaking to, Kevin said: "Never forget to tell people you love them. That's all I could think about when I was down there. ...I never, you never, say that enough.


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"You never spend enough time with your parents, you never spend enough time with people that are close to you."

According to the Washington Post, Kevin was treated for punctured lungs, broken ribs and spinal fractures.

Featured image credit: YouTube/Knoxville News Sentinel

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