'Mrs Doubtfire’s' House In San Francisco Has Just Sold For £3.3 Million

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'Mrs Doubtfire’s' House In San Francisco Has Just Sold For £3.3 Million

When I was younger, my brothers and I went through a series of au pairs who looked after us.

We also thought they may be our dad dressing up in disguise at times.

One by one, they bravely stood up to the role of controlling three little horrors and like a conveyor belt in a chicken factory they would be meat for slaughter.


Which brings me onto Mrs Doubtfire, brilliantly portrayed by Robin Williams. The film sparked the imagination of a generation and through a bizarre plot, it became a classic that would be the nostalgic film for Generation X, Y and millennials who all saw Williams' dressing up as a woman for what it was; love.

Well, check this out Mrs Doubtfire fans. The house that the movie was filmed in has just been sold for the eye-watering sum of £3.3 million.


Unfortunately we will never know who purchased it because it was sold privately to a mystery buyer.

However, here are my speculations...

He/she's rich, clearly. He/she's obviously a Robin Williams fan (who isn't?). And he/she has a thing for men who dress up like women (perhaps)...



The luxury four-bed Victorian home at 2640 Steiner Street in San Francisco has been fully renovated and was first put on the market for £4.3 million in September.

Waaaiiittttt.... whhhaaatttt!! They took a million pounds off the original asking price? That's pretty bad going.

Bargain of the century. I'll have two.


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