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Obnoxious Lad Catches Girlfriend Cheating But It Soon Becomes Clear Why

Obnoxious Lad Catches Girlfriend Cheating But It Soon Becomes Clear Why

Possibly the most annoying man ever.

Hamish Kilburn

Hamish Kilburn

In a series of Snapchats, an obnoxious lad has documented the moment he caught his girlfriend cheating but failed to work out why. Well it took me roughly 10 seconds to see what an arrogant gobshite of a bloke he is. I've had to watch this video three times now and I feel as though my ears are bleeding.

For any sane human being, catching their partner cheating must be a huge stab in the heart. It's the ultimate sign of disrespect and I would never promote cheating being a positive step forward in a relationship, but I may just make an exception here. This idiot thought it was more important laughing about his bird getting caught and failed to work out why she did it.

Video credit: YouTube/SavageDD187

"Those who don't know me, I'm a fucking savage," he claims in his Snapchat story. "You know what I did? I threw his whole phone in the toilet bro. Yeah, she can't hit that n***** up anymore bro. Plus she's broke."


"This shit is funny bro," he continues as he follows the girl back to her car. "Had the audacity to tell me in my eyes that she wasn't cheating. Get the fuck outta here bro."

Ok, bro.

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