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People's Top Ten Fears When It Comes To Sex Have Been Revealed

People's Top Ten Fears When It Comes To Sex Have Been Revealed

Something we can all relate to.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Are you worried about your sexual prowess? Worried you're too big, or too small, too hairy, or too inexperienced? Don't worry, you're not alone. Making the beast with two backs (Shakespeare reference - thank you worthless English degree) gets everyone's knickers in a twist. We're all wrought with fear! Sexy, sexy fear.

Superdrug Online Doctor has talked to the masses in the UK, Europe and The States to find out what the top ten biggest panty dropping anxieties are - and really the results are unsurprising.

Topping the list as the biggest sexual anxiety for lads, as you'd expect, is their partner having an STI.

In a close second was not being able to properly satisfy their partners - but you can seek comfort in the fact that 30% of women struggle to reach climax.

Following that was the thought of the condom breaking and you having an unintentional spouse on your hands. The list was then completed by blowing your load too early, your partner finding your body unattractive, not being able to perform, general shithousery in the sack, a below-par shaft, being thought of as 'inexperienced', and the posibility of awkwardness after the deed is done.

Women had similar sex-related fears as men, but their top worry was their partner not wanting to wear a condom.

They also feared that sometimes 'no' may not be taken for an answer.

One other thing that differed in the girl's list, was that they were worried about an embarrassing bodily function occurring - if you know, then you know.

Both men and women are worried that their body hair will be a turnoff - but don't worry guys, if your partner has seen the lumberjack moustache that you have styled into a curl with your special bro grooming wax and hasn't run away, then it's unlikely anything underneath your clothes is going to faze them. Unless you've done something similar to your chest hair. Same goes for the ladies, obvs.

Across the pond, our friends from the States are more concerned than us that their partners won't find their naked body attractive. Hopefully this is because all those Dove adverts are working and the British can unite on one thing and one thing only - utter body confidence, but sadly it's more likely to be down to more peer pressure and heavy advertising to look like a supermodel.

Words by Laura Hamilton

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