Research Reveals Cheapest Place In The UK To Be A Student

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Research Reveals Cheapest Place In The UK To Be A Student

Once upon a time, I had no aspirations of ever going to uni.

Back in my mid-teens, I thought of all uni-goers as posh pricks who were insane for voluntarily doing more education.

Then, nearly a year into my sister's student life, I saw a video of her floating down a river in a rubber duck blow up ring, drink in hand, having just left the pub, making music and singing Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas Time? in April. She told me things like that occurred at least three times a week. Everything changed, I had to go.

Like a true LAD, I didn't care where and I didn't care what the course was, to be honest. Just so long as there was cheap food, cheap booze and a lot of room for tom foolery, it was fine by me.


Money is the issue for all students, so it's always handy to know which uni town is the cheapest., a credit card company, compiled the results so that students can make an informed decision when applying to universities.


The things taken into account when finding the results were the typical things students will blow their money on, like rent, travel, gym membership, cinema tickets, pints, and kebabs.

It turns out that Keele, in the dreary West Midlands, where nothing all that exciting ever happens, is the cheapest place in the UK to be a student.

It is a place where you can find the cheapest pints, at £2.50, but barely a town centre. If you want a proper night on the town, you have to travel to Stoke, and Hanley town centre. I went to Staffordshire Uni for three years and only had about three good nights out in Hanley.


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Thomas Cross, product owner for the Marbles Card, said: "Towns in the North and Midlands offer great value for money to people who, not only won't have that much spare cash, but will leave their university with quite a lot of debt.

"Those little treats - like a kebab or trip to the cinema - are really important to students, so it's definitely worth checking out our list to see where their money could go further."

Following Keele was Queen's Uni, Belfast, Loughborough Uni, Coventry Uni, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Lancaster Uni, University of Leicester, and University of Leeds.


Leeds is the leading light for cheap kebabs, boasting the cheapest at £3.96. If you're into keeping your body in check, rather than stuffing it with fast food, then maybe Colchester is for a few. You can get a student gym membership at only £6.60 per month.

If you're into going to the cinema - which you really shouldn't be if you're a student, you have the internet - then Loughborough has the cheapest cinema tickets at £4.50. Presumably their popcorn costs a tenner, though.

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