Teachers Reveal Why They Think Certain Pupils Will Become Criminals

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Teachers Reveal Why They Think Certain Pupils Will Become Criminals

Looking back at school, it's actually surprising that I wasn't able to predict the classmates that'd end up in prison.

I mean, it's pretty obvious now that the lads handing out death threats, making home made coshs, and stealing herbs from Food Tech because they were told it made weed taste better, weren't really going far in life.

Teachers have taken to Reddit (rather controversially) to share why they think certain pupils are 'villains in the making'.


Reddit user Sunshine_Yellow shared that a student of theirs once purposely injured himself and was going to tell people they were responsible, because he was told he'd have to redo a maths test:

"He was mad at me because I made him redo a math test so he walked over to the classroom door. When I told him I would need to call the office if he left the room without permission he proceeded to slam his own leg in the door about five times, then he looked at me and said, 'Now my leg hurts and I'm going to tell everyone it was your fault'.

"That's when I realised I may be in over my head with this class."


OneMoreChancee told a similar story of a substitute teacher who once covered a class and a student wrapped his hands around his throat, saying the sub did it to him.

"One of my substitute teacher told me that one time he was subbing for a class and one of the student disliked him.

"They then held both of their hands near their own neck and clawed themselves and went to an administrator and told them that the substitute did that to him. Luckily the rest of the students in the class vouched for the substitute and got the student suspended."

Hiscana recounted a rather odd and creepy tale of a 14-year-old boy sexually coercing her: "Female science teacher here. I was about 2 weeks into my first job. Another student dropped a pen by accident, I picked it up. Straightened to find one of the biggest boys in the class (about 14 years old) standing right next to me.


"He got even closer and said 'Good girl'. I was kind of shocked, so just said 'Excuse me?' and he replied with the creepiest ever top-to-toe survey of my body, a leer and then asked 'Would you rather be a bad girl?'

"My whole body just recoiled. He was later permanently excluded for sexually coercing another student. Pretty sure he's in jail for sexual offences now."


Former teacher PM_ME_DADJOKES posted on the thread a story about a pupil who really shouldn't be considered as a 'villain in the making', but an already full blown criminal.

They said: "Former teacher here. We had a student give other students advice on how to sexually abuse small children In graphic detail.

"He was soon expelled and reported to authorities. Soon after we learned that he had been arrested for posing to be injured on a road, late at night, and when someone stopped to check on him, he shot and killed him."


ladywrists, a third grade teacher, dealing with 9-year-olds, spoke about a 'new kid' and a 'nutty kid'.

"I teach third grade, so this is a 9-year-old kid.

"'New Kid' had just arrived to a pretty rough neighborhood in a big city from Wisconsin. 'Nutty Kid' was super helpful to 'New Kid' on his first day.

"He explained all of our classroom systems, played with him at recess, the whole thing.

"So the next morning, before the bell rang, 'New Kid' sees 'Nutty Kid' and is like, 'Hey, he was nice to me yesterday, I'll go say hi'.

"So 'New Kid' goes up to 'Nutty Kid' and says hi. 'Nutty' Kid rolls his eyes at him and says, 'Whatever'.

'New Kid' starts to walk away, completely crushed that he'd been rejected. For some reason, 'Nutty Kid' decided to then jump 'New Kid' and starts beating the shit out of him. 'Nutty Kid' takes 'New Kid' to the ground and starts punching him in the face.

"An adult walked out to the playground to start monitoring (monitoring doesn't start until 20 minutes before the bell is supposed to ring) and before the adult can get a good look at what's going on, 'Nutty Kid' starts tickling 'New Kid'. 'New Kid' can't help himself and starts laughing, so the adult thinks nothing of it.

"Nobody knew what had happened until 'New Kid' came into my room limping and told me what happened.

"When 'Nutty Kid' got pulled aside to explain what happened he told the exact story - from 'New Kid's' perspective.

"When another student came forward and said they'd seen the whole thing happen, 'Nutty Kid' managed to slip him a note letting him know that he knows where a gun is in his house and he'll use it to shoot him.

"It was a fun day at work."

To be honest, the idea of being a teacher has never appealed to me, and this has done nothing but further that.

Kids can be scary. Really scary.

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