Woman Calls The Police Because She Missed Out On McDonald's Breakfast

Woman Calls The Police Because She Missed Out On McDonald's Breakfast

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Woman Jumps On Her Car To Stop Thief From Driving Off

Woman Jumps On Her Car To Stop Thief From Driving Off

It's hard to say what many of us would do in the face of danger. When faced with a threat to ourselves, our belongings, or others, we are never sure how we would react.

One woman from Wisconsin took the very brave step of jumping on her car as a thief tried to drive off with it.

Melissa Smith was filling up her car at the petrol station, in Milwaukee, when the thief jumped inside her vehicle.

She said: "I had the thought in my head: 'Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car?', and the price tag of my car flashed through my head."


The video footage shows Melissa leaving the driver's side of her white 4x4 to go and remove the pump.

As she does, a large American estate, from the pump beside hers, moves in front of her car.

As Melissa removes the pump a thief, dressed all in black, leaves the rear door of the car and moves into the driver's seat of the 4x4.


"I didn't see him until I saw him get into my car," Melissa added.

"Someone was in my car. And my, 'oh hell, this isn't happening to me today' moment - he looked at me and he laughed at me, which really irritated me."

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Melissa quickly notices and sprints around the front of the car, initially grabbing the door, before she leaps onto the bonnet.

The thief then begins to drive off, but brakes harshly in order to try and throw Melissa off. But she's having none of it.


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Car Thief Threatens To Call Police On Victim For Leaving Son Unattended In Vehicle He Stole

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After a few seconds, the thief abandons his plan and jumps back into his original car - now the getaway car.

Showing no sympathy at all, the thief leaves the handbrake off meaning that Melissa is left fighting a rolling car, which rolls into oncoming traffic.


The getaway car speeds off, and Melissa is left to deal with the aftermath - which included a stolen wallet and iPhone.

She told Today's TMJ's 4: "The police say most women go in the opposite direction and look for help, they don't jump on top of their car.

"They told me it's not the smartest. I can't believe I reacted like that."

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