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Woman Who Works As A Crime Scene Cleaner Reveals What Really Goes On

Woman Who Works As A Crime Scene Cleaner Reveals What Really Goes On

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A woman who has worked as a crime scene cleaner for the last six years has revealed exactly what it's like - and it's not pretty.

Donna Layler was originally a full-time hairdresser, but gave it up to pursue her unusual career.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she revealed some of the worst things she's ever seen: "Once I walked into a house and found a girl who had been completely gutted by her boyfriend - it rocked me to the absolute core.


"He had taken out her stomach and hidden it inside washing power to try and mask the smell but he didn't have a chance even after nine hours of cleaning.

"There hasn't been a scene that made me want to throw the towel in but I did attend a baby murder that was utterly heart breaking.

"The baby was two months old and the mother was fighting for her life in hospital after the dad tried to kill her and then himself."


She prides herself on her professionalism, although she admits that some of the things that she's seen have been particularly hard to handle.

She said: "It breaks my heart seeing some of the things people do to each other but I am glad it is me there because I know I can handle it."

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The most interesting thing that she's taken away from the job is not what people can do to each other, but what they don't do. She explained: "This job makes you realise there is a lot of loneliness in the world.

"People lay there dead for days or weeks and the guy in the apartment below only notices because they start dripping through the roof."


She also added that if people were to go and check on their neighbours more often then she 'would not have as much work'.

Going into pretty graphic detail, she also explained that decomposition eventually makes the body turn into 'black mush'. She said: "Basically, all of the gasses made the body stiffen, then expand and as you decrease in size again everything releases out of the body.

"You can never get used to the smell - it is something that takes your breath away.


"My gas mask is definitely my best friend."

You can read the full interview with Donna on the Daily Mail. She has also written a book on her experiences called Bloodstains and Ballgowns which you can buy from her website.

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