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YouTuber Says Dan Bilzerian Is A 'Big Fake' Who's Shit At Poker

YouTuber Says Dan Bilzerian Is A 'Big Fake' Who's Shit At Poker

'He’s a fish in the water'.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

A YouTuber has called out pro-poker player turned pro-playboy Dan Bilzerian as a fraud.

The bloke, worth $60 million, is now known as an Instagram celebrity, posting endless updates of him smoking cigars, posing with semi-naked women on yachts and all that other cliché stuff that comes with having lots of money but no discernible talent, according to Doug Polk. Doug's words, not mine.

Polk runs a poker tutorial account on YouTube. He claims Bilzerian is a "big fake."

"He claims to have made all of his money from poker.

"Yet his dad made a lot of money, but in the 80s went to jail and was forced to pay a $50-60 million fine and only paid a few million.

"The money is missing and we just don't know where it went."

Polk reviewed Bilzerian's live-streamed poker match and came to the brutal conclusion that the guy is, essentially, shit.

He said: "All in all, I wouldn't have said he played all that great. On the Internet, he's a fish in the water."

Another poker player revealed: "He isn't a great player. I don't think a single person who knows the basics of poker thinks that he is a good player.

Credit: Doug Polk Poker

"But he is a godsend for poker players. The more he promotes poker as an easy vessel to become a millionaire, the better off we all are."

In my opinion, it's glaringly obvious that Bilzerian is just a privileged beta male.

Poker is not a guaranteed income. No-one is that consistent with it. All you have to do is search any story of some guy who got-rich-quick and wait for the part where they mention the million pound loan their parents gave them to get their business going in the first place. This is a not-so-subtle reference to Donald Trump.

Here's Doug's video in full.

Credit: Doug Polk Poker

And if he actually is, I don't really give a shit. I don't like it, but it's not my life. If Bilzerian's barren lifestyle works for him then who are we to shit on his parade, lads?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram