Wild Youth Just Dropped "Champagne Butterflies", Their New Single For 2021


Wild Youth Just Dropped "Champagne Butterflies", Their New Single For 2021

Wild Youth have enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top: their debut EP went top five in Ireland, their first three singles made the top ten and they sold out two nights at Dublin's famous Olympia Theatre.

From bursting onto the scene in 2018, making huge waves in 2019 and recording new music (and releasing new singles) in 2020. Now, they're back with a brand new track to kick off 2021.

We sat down with the band to chat through their new single and their thoughts on the last year.


Champagne Butterflies, what a name. What inspired it?

It's about those celebratory butterflies you feel when you start falling in love. That incredible moment when you're falling for someone and everything you do, every moment you share feels so amazing.

2020 was a bad year for most people, but you managed to do it better than most by making new music. How did you turn a bad situation into something creative?

We just locked ourselves away, and finished everything we'd been working on. It was so hard not playing shows and we're a band that likes to keep busy so we just hibernated in the studio.


You've started off with an absolute banger to launch the year; what is on the horizon for Wild Youth in 2021?

Aw thank you, our plan is to release as much music as we can and hopefully get back on stage. We miss playing shows a huge amount and we're so excited to play our new music live.

Through the Phone, released in November, kind of spoke to what people were feeling in 2020. What does Champagne Butterflies say about 2021?

To not worry about losing time to find someone because it can happen at any moment and at any time. Just let life do its thing. That moment is there for everyone.


You appeared on the Late Late Show not too long ago - and are no stranger to performing on there! How did it feel to be featured on such an iconic Irish show - and probably reaching a more mature audience there too we assume?

It's such a dream. It's kind of the moment your family and friends in Ireland think you've made it, ha! You stop getting shit for dropping out of college.

How has the past year influenced your creative process? How has it influenced your evolving sound as a group, and creating music together - even with lockdowns?

I mean it's been an emotional rollercoaster, so it's led to a lot of new music. We worked from home, sending a lot of song parts back and forth. Pretty tedious, but we just wanted to keep creating.


Is this low key a great time to be for new music in Ireland? Despite the lack of live gig performances, it seems like there's more great new acts coming from here at the moment than there has been in a long time.

Totally, I think with no shows, social media became the stage for everybody, so that allowed everybody an opportunity to record something and post. Which is great because it has brought out so much amazing talent.

Thanks so much for speaking to us!

Champagne Butterflies is out now and available to download here.

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