Hot Tub Party Host Told Cops They 'Didn't Know There Was A Pandemic'

Hot Tub Party Host Told Cops They 'Didn't Know There Was A Pandemic'

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Nicki Minaj Is Starting A Charity To Help Pay For Tuition Fees

Nicki Minaj Is Starting A Charity To Help Pay For Tuition Fees

If you're a student or graduate, then you know the debt you're launched into is a right pain in the arse.

Even after leaving uni behind and finally finding a job, when you see your pay slip each month and notice the money coming out for your student loan, it's grim.

You just wish some lovable stranger would come forward and give you just enough money to clear all of that debt and leave you stress free.

Well, Nicki Minaj is trying to be that stranger, as she's rather spontaneously started paying off people's tuition fees.


The Huffington Post reports that the rapper started making payments for straight-A students, showing the proof on Instagram.

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In the post she wrote: "This makes me so happy. [A few from the other day] I'll do another impromptu payment spree in a month or two."

As if that wasn't enough she also revealed that she's looking to launch a student loan charity for people struggling to keep up with the payments.


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"Please know that I'm launching my official charity for Student Loans/Tuition Payments VERY SOON! You'll be able to officially sign up! I'll keep you posted," she wrote.

In the picture she posted it showed some of the reactions from the student receiving her help, with one of them crying.

"He started crying. I had to get off the phone 'cause he was about to make me cry too," one said.

Worth a shot then... Nicki, I'm still in loads of debt from my studying, fancy lending a hand?

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