Horrific ISIS Video Shows 'British Boy' Executing Prisoners

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Horrific ISIS Video Shows 'British Boy' Executing Prisoners

Featured image credit: Tea Partiest

A horrific video has emerged of five young boys apparently executing prisoners for ISIS. Security services are now investigating into whether one of the boys is British.

There is reason to believe that the light-skinned boy (known as Abu Abdullah Al-Britani in the video) is in fact the 11-year-old son of jihadi Sally Jones.


Jones fled to Syria in 2013. She made headlines after it emerged that she was once a 'punk-rocker'.

The video (which cuts off before the assassination is completed) shows five young boys stood behind a row of men who appear to have their hands tied behind their backs.

The boys claim that the men are Kurds and are being 'punished' for recent Kurdish advances in Syria and Iraq' reports the Mirror.

Some people may find the following video distressing.


Credit: Tea Partiest

Jones apparently took her son, formally known as 'Jojo' over to Syria with her. She is still thought to be a major recruiter of women to ISIS.

Absolutely sickening.

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