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The Illicit Texts Between A Banker And A Prostitute Revealed

The Illicit Texts Between A Banker And A Prostitute Revealed

Bankers and prostitutes. Prostitutes and bankers. There's a whole 'private' world none of us peasants know too much about but it's there in plain sight if you go looking for it.

While the rich can attempt to cover their tracks, when the courts come knocking, all the dirty laundry from the lives of the rich and the famous is suddenly aired to the inevitably outraged public.


That is exactly the case for former Goldman Sachs employee Youssef Kabbaj, currently at the centre of a very high profile court case between the bank and their clients Libya's National Investment fund (LIA).

The story goes that basically Kabbaj was schmoozing Haitem Zarti, the younger brother of a senior LIA official, in order to secure Goldman Sachs various deals with them.

Apparently off the back of this, the bank made more than $200 million in profit, exploiting the LIA's financial naivety.

To prove the point, text messages between Kabbaj and a prostitute, known only as Michella but who can allegedly be seen in an advert on naughtydubai (above), have been released to the press and it makes for extremely uncomfortable reading for the former Goldman Sachs man (typos included):


Youssef Kabbaj: Hi darling, do you remeber me? Yousef fom london. Just arrived in dubai. Available tonight, with a friend?

Michella: I dont remember u sorry. But where r u staying?

YK: Ritz carlton. We met at emirates tower then mirage. Moroccan restaurant. Moroccan.

M: Yes i remember u.want to meet 2n؛te?

YK: Cool. Michella from media city:))) with pleasure. Where? I am with a friend. We're on our way to the hotel from the airport. Where do you want to meet? Hotel? Somewhere else?

M: I can come to your hotel you will give me and my friend 1500

YK: 200usd each. For taxi.

M: No 300

YK: Come and we will have a drink and discuss. I missed you

M: I can not do that

YK: Where are you now?

M: I am out but im not coming until there for 200

YK: Ok. Come. You have a deal.

M: 300 ok? And i bring my friend too?

YK: Yes. Your friend has to be as good looking at you.

M: Ok.

I'm not sure whether that's playing on the naivety of an entire organisation or whether that's playing on the naivety of one man but either way, sleazy as hell.

Apparently, Zarti was also taken on holiday to Morocco and a fancy conference in Dubai - all paid for by Kabbaj.

Of course Goldman Sachs refute the LIA's claims and say they are completely without merit.

If you're into that sort of thing, the conclusion to this case should be an interesting one. If you're not, you've just learned how rich people talk to prostitutes.

Everyone is a winner. Except the loser of this case.

Words by George Pavlou

Featured image credit: Blemished Paradise

George Pavlou

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The Illicit Texts Between A Banker And A Prostitute Revealed

The Illicit Texts Between A Banker And A Prostitute Revealed

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