Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes In On Donald Trump For Climate Change Breakaway

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes In On Donald Trump For Climate Change Breakaway

Hollywood hero and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has released a video slating Donald Trump's decision to reverse the Paris Climate Agreement.

Yesterday, President Trump announced that America would pull out of the agreement, claiming that it disadvantaged the United States while favouring China.

His 'America first' policies have now seen him withdraw from the deal, which was agreed by 195 countries in 2015 in a record achievement - designed for each country to take responsibility for climate change.

Now, in a Facebook video attack, Arnie has launched a powerful speech aimed at getting Trump to reverse his decision.


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Schwarzenegger, who served as governor from 2003-2011 for the Republicans, the same party as Trump, disagrees with the decision taken to pull out. He argues that jobs and the economy can still prosper, even when climate restrictions are in place.

"As a matter of fact, when I was governor of California, and Washington failed to lead, we passed the strictest environmental rules in our country, and our economy is now booming," he said.


"Today we are number one in protecting our environment and we are number one in economic growth.

"We have the cleanest air and water and we also have more manufacturing jobs than any other state.

"We added more jobs last year than the second and third states combined. Protecting the environment will not destroy our economy.

"The bottom line is, great environmental policies do the opposite. They pump up the economy."


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He opened his video talking of the disappointment of the decision, but said that Trump won't stop the world becoming greener.

He began: "One man cannot destroy our progress, one man can't stop our clean energy revolution, and one man can't go back in time," before joking: "Only I can do that.


"My message to you, Mr President, is that, as a public servant, and especially as a president, your first and most important responsibility, is to protect the people."

The former actor, famed for his roles in the Terminator series, stated that over 200,000 Americans die in the United States as a direct result of air pollution each year.

He added: "We can't sit back and just do nothing, when people are getting sick and dying - especially when you know there's another way."


He also called on Trump to be a pioneer for the future: "No one remembers the people who told President Kennedy not to go to the moon. We remember the great leaders. The great leaders that don't walk backwards in the past, but great leaders that charge forward towards the future.

"Like all the great movements in human history, our clean future starts with a grassroots movement in our communities, in our cities and our states."

Donald Trump is hoping that a deal can be reached between the US and those that signed the revolutionary deal, although many have said that may not be the case.

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