Kanye West Ignites 2020 Presidential Campaign In Mid-Concert Speech

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Kanye West Ignites 2020 Presidential Campaign In Mid-Concert Speech

Recently, self-proclaimed genius (aka Kanye West), reportedly said "[I don't] have views on politics. I just have a view on humanity, on people, on the truth." That was enough for some to speculate he would run for president at the turn of the new decade.

And now he's said a little bit more. Is this actually going to happen?

Although initially stating his concert was a "safe space" for both Trump and Clinton supporters, he also confirmed to an audience in California that while he didn't vote in this year's election, if he did, he "would have voted on Trump." His wife and her family were supporting Clinton throughout the campaign, so it must have been an awkward discussion while eating faggots and peas at the dinner table.

His confession, which he announced mid-concert, went down like a lead balloon for some.


Since dropping his statement, many have taken to Twitter saying that the 2020 campaign dream was dead in the water.


Funny really. The very fact people think he's got no chance, is a joker, changes his mind every few minutes and isn't credible is exactly the kind of comment that clearly doesn't work anymore. It's the kind of thing that will make him more marketable.

Kanye to run for 2020 president, or even 2024? Don't rule it out...

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