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12-Year-Old Takes On MMA Fighter Twice Her Age And Wins

12-Year-Old Takes On MMA Fighter Twice Her Age And Wins

What were you doing at 12-years-old? One thing you weren't doing is taking on an adult in a fight, right?

Schoolgirl Momo Shimizu has just taken on, and beat, a 24-year-old opponent in an MMA fight.


Most people in the United States were scared that the seventh grader would be fighting and felt that it was wrong; she, on the other hand, had different ideas.

Watch the pre-teen beast training here...

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Japan didn't seem too bothered as a nation. They've put on fights like this before.


Shimizu has been a professional fighter for some time and has been training six times per week, minimum three hours per day, since kindergarten.

Her opponent was Momoko Yamazaki, and she had been warned to expect defeat before the fight began.

Simizu's agent, in a statement prior to the fight, said: "Momo already had over 100 amateur BJJ, kickboxing, and karate matches, therefore, she has far more experience in combat sports than her upcoming opponent [Yamazki].

"On May 20, we all strongly believe Momo will beat Yamazaki. I think it's gonna be a public humiliation for Yamazaki."

The pair met at the DEEP JEWELS 16 event, and after some front kicks, the young girl took to Yamasaki's back like a spider monkey and fought for the choke.

It did initially look like Yamasaki was going to last until the end of the first round, but after the referee checked on her, she was strangled unconscious. The fight was waved off.

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It meant that Momo Shimizu won her amateur MMA debut.

The reputation of MMA has grown and grown in recent years, and is set for it's biggest day yet when Conor McGregor represents his sport in a boxing match.

The Irish fighter has agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather and has reportedly signed his half of the deal.

UFC promoter Dana White now says that he wants to focus on getting Mayweather to sign. The American boasts a 49-0 winning fight record.

'Money' Mayweather said in midweek that the fight is all about getting top dollar payment.

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"There's only one fight that makes business sense," he said. "I came out of retirement because I'm a businessman and I want to give the world what they want to see.

"McGregor's a fighter, I'm a fighter. This is what the fight fans and MMA fans want to see."

The fight is expected to be known as the 'billion-dollar fight' and now looks a matter of when and not if.

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