Pope Francis Appoints First Black American Cardinal
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American Footballer Pops His Knee Back Into Place After Horrifying Injury

American Footballer Pops His Knee Back Into Place After Horrifying Injury

This summer has seen some seriously grim sporting injuries.

First there was the French gymnast who broke his leg while vaulting at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Then there was the weightlifter whose elbow popped out of its socket while he was lifting.

And after those two we decided to just round up the Olympic Games' worst injuries history. It just made sense.


None of those injuries were remedied immediately and all needed extensive hours of rest, recovery and rehab to get better.

However, Texas A&M Aggies player (American football, I don't know) Justin Evans proved you sort of can un-injure yourself just last night.


Welsh Rugby Player's Knee 'Ripped Open' After Horrific Injury

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After his knee popped out of place while playing, he simply lay there, popped his knee back and watched the crowd go absolutely nuts at what they'd just seen live on TV.

For real...


Justin Evans, you're more of a badass for that one moment than I will ever be in my entire life.

Featured image credit: UCLA Texas A&M Aggies

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