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Conor McGregor Has Revealed His Post-Fight Plans

Conor McGregor Has Revealed His Post-Fight Plans

The 29 year-old talked about what lies ahead for him career-wise.



Conor McGregor might not have beaten Floyd Mayweather last night, but going ten rounds with the best boxer in the world today is still something to be proud of.

While Mayweather is going back into retirement - we'd do the same after a $100 million dollar paycheque, to be honest -McGregor is just going to have a little break. In Ibiza.

By which we mean it sounds like he is going to rage. At the post-fight press conference, McGregor - wearing a pretty eye-catching suit and with a bottle of his own brand Notorious whiskey in hand - laid out his immediate plans in the wake of the close match with the boxing legend.

"I'm gonna hit Ibiza," he said. "A childhood friend is getting married, I'm going to charter out a 100 foot yacht for the day, fuck that paying for the whole thing, the whole whack.

"And just rally for a day, have a big party on it, take a load of pictures, and then get the fuck off it. That's my plan. And then we'll see what's next."

Credit: PA

McGregor might not have KO'd the boxer last night, but he still took home an eye-watering amount.

So renting that yacht - and buying all the booze in the world to have a massive party on it - will barely make a dent his bank balance.

It's alright for some. Still, he's not just throwing everything to the wind. At the press conference, the 29 year-old talked about what lies ahead for him career-wise.

"I've got multiple titles in the UFC to think about," he said, "and I could also continue in the boxing game. So what's next for me is to study and continue to learn. I'm a student of martial arts and fighting as a whole.

"I've studied everyone in the game in all games including Floyd. And it was an honour to share the ring with him and get up close and personal."

Credit: PA

McGregor wasn't too hard on himself with regards to the loss, either, presumably well aware that he exceeded most boxing pundits' expectations.

"I feel I held my own really," he said. "I feel it was close. I feel it was 5-4 heading into round ten. I would have liked getting to the bell to see what was what.

"I'm young, I'm fresh, and I'm ready. I was just tired in there, I feel. He caught me with some nice shots but I wasn't dazed or rattled or anything like that. I was just bollocksed, is the term we call it in Ireland.

"So we'll see what happens."

Whatever happens in the near future, for now, McGregor definitely deserves to celebrate. Will he come close to his epic bender in Liverpool earlier this year? Let's just wait and see.

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