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Yohan Blake Reveals What Happened To Usain Bolt In His Final Race

Yohan Blake Reveals What Happened To Usain Bolt In His Final Race

He paid for being delayed.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Saturday night played witness to some of the most heart-breaking scenes in world athletics.

In the final of the men's 4x100m relay, Usain Bolt was to run the last leg for Jamaica - it would be his last ever major competition race.

With his home nation, Great Britain and America leading on the final bend, the final 100m would come down to the power of Bolt.

But less than halfway down the home straight, Bolt pulled up with muscle cramp - leaving Great Britain to take the gold (in the third quickest time in world history).

It was a sad way to see the greatest athlete ever retire, with many left wondering why it had occurred.

Fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake, who also ran in the race, has blamed delays for the costly injury.

Blake said that Bolt was 'really cold' - an expression to say that his muscles were not as warm, and more able to cope with strain, as they could have been.

"The race was 10 minutes late," he told BBC Sport. "We were kept 40 minutes. It was crazy. They were holding us too long.

"It was 40 minutes and two medal presentations before our run. We keep warming up and waiting, then warming up and waiting. I think it got the better of us.

"It hurts to see a true legend, a true champion go out there and struggle like that."

Credit: PA

Blake wasn't the only teammate distraught at the disappointment of Bolt's last ever race.

Omar McLeod, who led out the Jamaican team from the traps, said: "It's heart-wrenching. I gave it my all and I really wanted Usain to leave golden, or even if it was just a medal."

It follows Bolt's final solo effort last weekend where he took bronze, behind rival Justin Gatlin.

In a stadium that, five years ago, saw Super Saturday, it was more 'washout weekend' with Mo Farah also ending his last race without a gold, taking silver in the men's 5000m.

McLeod added the frustration at a delayed start. "It was ridiculous, man," he said. "We waited a really long time. I drank two bottles of water."

Credit: PA

After the Jamaican team doctor, Kevin Jones, announced Bolt had suffered muscle cramp, Michael Johnson told the BBC it was 'one season too many' for the sprinter.

He said: "I think Bolt was prepared to not win but I don't think he would have expected his last race to end like that. He would have wanted to cross the finish line.

"Even if he was just closing on the guys ahead - he wanted to give this crowd a show so they can say, 'I saw Usain Bolt run down the finishing straight'."

However, McLeod wasn't wrong when he said that Bolt's name 'will always live on'.

Eight Olympic medals, an amazing personality that we all warmed too, and a string of world records, we can only thank Usain Bolt for the memories he gave us.

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