WATCH: Brock Lesnar Says He 'Takes Shits Bigger' Than Conor McGregor

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WATCH: Brock Lesnar Says He 'Takes Shits Bigger' Than Conor McGregor

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I'd hedge my bets that even non-UFC fans are in the know about the upcoming bout between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz later tonight in Las Vegas. It's hard to go a day without seeing McGregor shooting his mouth off about one thing or another. The victim is some of jibes were recently put to the WWE roster, all of whom he said he could "slap the head off."

It's done wonders not only for UFC 202 but WWE's PPV Summerslam, too. Everyone from CM Punk and Seth Rollins have chimed into the McGregor hype. And now Brock Lesnar has thrown in his two cents.

Sam Roberts caught up with Lesnar and Paul Heyman and asked him about the Irishman.


Lesnar went in, cause he's fucking Lesnar: 'I take shits bigger than that kid, alright. Come on, guys...I know you guys all play fucking video games and you live in this fucking false sense of reality and shit. I'm two hundred and fucking ninety pounds, alright. This guy's a hundred and forty-five pounds...if he's lucky and gets up and eats his fucking Wheaties, ok. If Conor McGregor wants to say some shit to me and get his name out there more than he already has, by dropping my name, I got, fucking, about 10 words for him: come here, face to face, Conor, alright... and say it to my face. Otherwise, leave me and the fucking WWE out of it because I came to your arena and kicked ass. Now, if you want and you're so fucking tough, come to our arena and try to kick some ass.'


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