Insiders Leak Alleged Details About The Upcoming iPhone 8

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Insiders Leak Alleged Details About The Upcoming iPhone 8

Apparent details regarding the iPhone 8 were 'leaked' earlier today.

Employees from Foxconn, a company in China that produce the devices, revealed information alledgedly regarding the tenth anniversary iPhone model, the Mirror reports.

It began with a thread on Reddit where an insider offered to answer questions about the phone, prior to Apple's WWDC event this evening.


They referred to the model as the iPhone x, complying with rumours that it wouldn't actually be called the '8'. Their information also matched other rumours, such as the home button being removed so that the display could be bigger. This means that the touch ID will be on the screen, too.

"We saw test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass but performance and yield rates were not good. I've seen reports of a rear fingerprint scanner which I haven't seen," an employee wrote on Reddit.

They also claim that wireless charging will come as standard, much like the wireless headphones that were previously introduced. They also mentioned facial detection which can unlocked via your phone, with the camera running vertically down the back of the handset, and a curved screen.

As if all that wasn't enough to sink your teeth into, they also teased the possibility of 'Apple Glasses'. These would go hand in hand with augmented reality and quite possibly even change the technology.


"If it can be done properly [it] will be like what the iPhone did ten years ago," one leaker said.

The world of technology is a fascinating one, though it can potentially be hard to understand for the average mind.


Yeah sure, loads of pixels on your phone's camera is cool, and its memory storage is pretty important, but many of us don't really care about the ins and outs of how it all works. Does it call, text, take photos and harness the ability to have social media at the touch of a button? Good, we'll 'ave it.

Beyond the necessities we've come to expect, such as the things above, new software and features are being added to our handsets.

A lot of these things were discussed at Apple's WWDC 2017 event. The Worldwide Developers Conference outlines new features for the iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, and because I am a) too thick to understand it and b) quite frankly too lazy, I'm going to give it to you in the most simple way, combined with the Jürgen Klopp evaluation of things that are good - by saying: 'boss tha'.

This time around, the focus was on the iOS 11, which is set to deliver changes to iMessage, Siri, the app store and much more.


For example, in messaging you'll be able to transfer money at the tap of a button. Amazing Boss tha - you can mither your mum, dad or other half for money mid-sesh and get it within seconds without faffing.

It will be received in Apple Pay Cash card with a balance, Techlomedia reports, and though I have no idea what that means, it sounds alright.

Credit: PA


The control panel, which can be brought up by swiping from the bottom of your iPhone's screen, has also changed. Now get this: it covers the whole screen, in a sort of 'universal remote' style. It looks a lot slicker and seemingly makes it easy to adjust the brightness, volume and wi-fi, and to access apps like your camera, torch and music.

New to iOS is HomeKit, which, if you can afford it, can control multiple room's audio. They're not the first to do this, but if you're hosting a party and don't want to limit the tunes to one room, it's decent enough so that you can adjust volumes and all the rest of it from your phone. Clever, but not quite 'boss tha'.

The app store has been given a bit of a reshuffle, introducing a new 'Today' tab. It's basically nothing groundbreaking; it just showcases popular apps and a bit of information about the developers.

What is interesting though, is the new API system. Collective 'ooooh', please. (Nah, actually... bit sad, that.)

Anyway, some new funky face tracking is being introduced, with facial recognition and detection of landmarks, text and so on, and is apparently six times faster than than the Google Pixel and Samsung S8 in terms of recognising images. Not that exciting, really.

The speakers at the event eventually got onto Augmented Reality, which is pretty cool, as everyone seems to be on board with it these days. AR is a massive part of Snapchat these days, what with filters and all that, and it was also huge for the one week Pokémon Go was relevant.

Because of this, the app ARKit has been introduced. It's not at all useful, but still quite impressive. As an example, an iPhone was pointed at a table, which it recognised and then added a virtual cup of coffee to it.

Very impressive, though I think if people wanted to see a coffee they'd get a real one. Still, boss tha.

Credit: PA

Siri got an update too. The system can now translate text for you and has had privacy and security updates, but most excitingly it will go hand in hand with the HomePod. The new device is much like Amazon's Alexa, inasmuch as it can fill a void in your life if you're lonely.

'Alexa, what's the weather like?' is a typical question asked. However, if Apple's rival is to be taken seriously, the only response it should have to such questions is 'just look out the window'.

It does sound pretty cool though, and can intelligently and automatically detect the space it's in, using that information to adjust sound. It's mainly for music, as it has a bouncing built-in stereo, but helps with stuff around the house. Boss tha.

Credit: PA

There's also a drag-and-drop feature, which is good if you're a jobsworth who does their work on the train, and a load of stuff about 'stickers'.

Really, if you need any more info, you can Google it, or wait until it's released.

Please note: All iOS devices still unable to crack open beers.

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