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'Toxic' Caterpillars Are In The UK And That's Another Reason To Stay In The Pub

'Toxic' Caterpillars Are In The UK And That's Another Reason To Stay In The Pub

Is there anything worse than insects? Even the ones that are harmless - they're just annoying.

And then there's ones that are harmless, yet look like they could put you in hospital. Just no need, is there?

Some people like them mind, and even keep creepy crawlies as pets. It's technically not an insect, but check out this girl who has such a bond with her pet spider that she lets it go in her mouth.


Knock that right off.

Wouldn't do that with one of these moths, would ya?

According to The Sun, "toxic" caterpillars have come to the UK, with wildlife experts saying they cause danger just from a touch.

The Oak Processionary Moths, which are in their caterpillar stage, are currently occupying areas in the south east of England. The Sun reports that the hairs on the insects can cause asthma attacks, severe rashes, as well as nausea and vomiting.


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They live and feed off oak trees, so avoid them like the plague, especially in areas in Guildford, Surrey, Bromley, Croydon in south London, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Herts.


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Various parks have been closed in order to get rid of nests belonging to the creatures, making sure public areas are safe for people.

"Spraying to destroy two Oak Processionary Moth nests found at Hollow Pond (in Epping Forest) began on June 8," a spokesperson for the City of London Corporation said. "Forestry Commission inspectors working with Epping Forest Officers identified the nests at the site earlier last week.


"The nests and the surrounding trees within a 50 metre area will be sprayed with a natural pesticide which will control any caterpillar larvae that may be present."

Credit: Twiiter

Understandably people have been told to stay away from, and report a nest if they see one. And, rather insulting to our intelligence, we've been told not to try and remove them ourselves. We'll be running to the nearest pub, pal, we're British.


Point being insects are unnecessarily grim and, well, just a ball ache, really.

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